Cities of The Mind

When we work with waste material which looks useless to anyone, to the ordinary eye , it has the potential of being turned into wealth . The recycled material all turned into artistic craft. The potential of turning waste into wealth is a process of transformation. However, when the craft is combined with symbolic process or work with metaphors, the like the cities of the mind the craft work turns into a process , the work then is not just a work with the craft but a work with metaphors , that lead to an artistic creation and this creation further leads to a reflective exercise.

The craft work reorganises the senses , and leads them to a reflective space . Metaphor becomes a created reality , and this way the cities of the mind becomes a projected exercise that allows the students to collectively make the imagined real and the real imagined . 

The cities of the mind is divided into four quadrants

  • The city of warriors
  • The city of lovers
  • The city of universities (the city of orphans)
  • The city of hermits (ascetics). 

The waste materials like egg racks , egg shells , cardboard , and other discarded materials . They are given to a class divided by four groups . These group divided are given four respected quadrants. These quadrants become the trigger words , the metaphors to create their realities.

The resources are limited, and the chaos begins of building . The children then experience the four quadrants , the cities of the minds in their behaviour . The boys who stamp others things and are unapologetic , the girls that wail and complain like the city of orphans where they behave needy in front of the teachers and then get suddenly aggressive like the warriors, to explain that the mind shifts and changes.

The city of lovers are committed to beauty and so they cant stand imperfections in their work, the city of hermits are into their work but won’t reach out if they need help , the city of orphans or learners can ask , would reach out but won’t help each other . The city of warriors can take risk and be courageous, therefore they take creative risk.

The students after their work reflected on the creations but also were asked these questions to reflect on their behaviour , so that they know the metaphor becomes real . The behaviour comes from their mind . To reflect on their mind through art work allows the process of reflective practice through art, a very real experience. 

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