The history of the edge

The history on this edge called valley or paradise is all about paradise interrupted because of a historical transmission of pain. It’s a place where the understanding of PTDSD is rarely understood by the oppressive structures and the victims themselves. The switch often takes place when the victim can become the oppressor, and the oppressor can become the victim. The rescuer who come in form of social workers, helpers can easily be swamped by the victim because the rescuer is often trying to rescue its own victim. So that’s why children are given stones to throw at the CRPF , J & K police the governmental authorities so that this rage is focused on the fight mechanism and a whole society is eroded by the erosion of its children . The teachers might be oppressive in class, the strikes break daily life, and children search for the face of the oppressor now in uniforms, authority figure and play the game ”catch me if you can “ . The cat and mouse game where both are not ok, and this game is who can go the closest and hit out at the governmental vans.

So life in this disputed, and controversial land in the state of India is a life of continuous interruption. The historical trauma of the past continuous its life script of not being ok, both I am not ok and you are not ok. The self and the other mirror each other. So a dog entered a hall of mirrors and thought it saw all dogs there and started barking. The dogs in the mirror barked back and this bark continued all night. Till the dog died and all the voices died with him. The sufi story illustrates the state of constant barking at mirrors. So here what can the artist worker do, as it easily can become a rescuer, despite knowing it intellectually in action the state of rupture brings the compulsive need to help but not heed the voice of discernment and a process of untangled involvement , that which is the birthplace of compassion .

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